This was my New Year. I actually hate New Year, and always have, but this year we managed to pace things just right with friends from 8pm onwards, snacking, drinking, then two of the friends left with the three year old, and the rest of us played Pictionary, then we headed up the hill to watch the fireworks over Edinburgh Castle.


I didn’t do much Christmas crafting, but this bow tie and handkerchief were particularly fun to make. I also made a matching top (Simplicity 3835, which I forgot to photograph) for this person’s wife in the same material. Turning the bow tie was hell, and I now understand why the instructions say to draw the sewing line on the inside – because it os incredibly difficult to judge the shape otherwise.


This was our drive back from Sainsburys today. We find the lockdown of winter difficult. I am also going through a phase of impatience with myself and the world. Since my mum died in September I find myself much more short tempered and impatient if I think my time is being wasted, or I’m not enjoying being with people.


I haven’t been doing much knitting or sewing recently. I took the decision at New Year to write more. I am trying to be more structured with my time, but the first week back at work is an adapting process. I work four days. I run a house. I have a lone parent I want to visit but who lives an hour and forty minutes’ drive away, so visiting takes a whole day. I am determined to have one whole day off a week, where I don’t see anyone or attempt to achieve anything. The other two days off I’m willing to see friends as a compromise to my husband who likes to see people. So, it is all still settling into place.


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