The Dress I would’ve worn…


I really wanted to make a summer dress to wear to my friends’ wedding last week. I had a day last Sunday, though I felt tired and could really have done with just sitting quietly for the day but I was determined to make the dress, and, indeed, I managed to make the shell of the dress – the outer.

It’s a terrible photo. I could have worn it as is, with a slip underneath, but I wanted to finish it properly. I bought light cotton lining material too. So I decided to wear an existing Fat Face dress to the wedding, which I also like, and save this to finish making it properly.


It is the Anna Dress by By Hand London. I LOVE the shape, and it looks flattering on. So I just have to make another in the lining, sew it in, insert the zip (my least favourite part) and voila. It will be finished.

Not entirely sure about WordPress. It isn’t as user-friendly as Blogspot. I can’t change the colour of the font, or change the font itself, or the size… And it isn’t as easy to insert photos.

I had very bad news recently – my mum has terminal cancer after all. I would like her not to be in pain and discomfort. I would like her not to have to go through this. And my dad. As humans we all know we are likely to meet a grisly death but manage to forget about it most of the time as we worry about mundane, tedious, silly things.


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